– General Information About Assa 

– General Conditions

– SUGESE Registration Information

SUGESE Registration Dollars

Registration Date

P19-57-A05-746 11/11/2017

– Claims Procedure 

– Premium amounts and payment procedures 

It shall be established in the Special Conditions according to the line of business of the Insured, as well as in the Insurance Certificate.

The following are the different ways in which ASSA Insurance Company allows clients to pay their policy premiums, both in colones and dollars:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit or debit cards (can be set up for automatic debit)
  • Bank deposits
  • Wire transfers

ASSA Compañía de Seguros currently has accounts in colones and dollars in:

  • BAC San José
  • Bank of Costa Rica
  • National Bank of Costa Rica
  • Citibank of Costa Rica, S.A.
  • Banco General (Costa Rica), S.A.

– Fractional Premiums

The premium may be paid annually or in installments in the following forms: monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, triannually or semi-annually. When opting for any of these forms of payment, a surcharge for payment in installments shall be paid in accordance with the following:













– Grace Period

The policy grants the Policyholder a grace period of ninety (90) calendar days for the payment of the premium on any due date regardless of the frequency of payment, excluding the first payment. If the premium is not paid before the expiration of the grace period, the Insured’s coverage shall automatically terminate due to non-payment at the end of said grace period.

SIf one or more of the coverages are cancelled by the Contracting Party, during or at the end of the grace period, the Contracting Party shall be liable for the payment of a pro rata premium for the time the policy has been in force during said grace period.

– Client Statement

This specific insurance operates under automatic inclusion of each of the individual insurances. For this reason, the client is insured as of the date of inclusion stated in the Application for Inclusion / Insurance Certificate.

In view of the above, once the client completes the Application for Inclusion / Insurance Certificate, he/she declares that the information provided therein is truthful and accurate; it being understood that any reticence or inaccuracy in the information may render the insurance contract null and void.

– Right of Reply

ASSA undertakes to respond to all claims, petitions, or requests by means of a reasoned resolution and when appropriate in writing, in the form agreed upon for such purpose, within a maximum term of thirty calendar days, counted from the receipt of all claim documents.

  • Insurance Requirements
  • Insurance Request signed by the proposed policyholder
  • Inclusion Request / Insurance Certificate, signed by the proposed insured.
  • KYC Form
  • Acceptance

The offer and quote of this insurance provided to the proposed policyholder do not guarantee acceptance thereof. In the event of acceptance by ASSA, acceptance shall be stated in the Special Conditions.

For the insured,  this insurance operates under automatic inclusion of each of the individual insurances. For this reason, the client is insured as of the date of inclusion stated in the Application for Inclusion / Insurance Certificate.

–  Insurance Validity

 The insurance contract may have a term of one year or less than one year, as agreed with the Policyholder and as established in the Special Conditions, counted from the date of issue stated in the Special Conditions and Insurance Certificate.

–  Termination of Insurance

The term of the contract may be terminated early in the following cases:

  • Mutual agreement.
  • Failure to pay premiums as stipulated in the “PAYMENT OF PREMIUMS” clause.
  • By the Policyholder: Unilaterally when the Policyholder decides not to maintain the insurance. In this case, written notice must be given to the Company in accordance with the “NOTIFICATIONS” clause, at least one month in advance.
  • By the Company: Unilaterally when any of the following circumstances exist:

– For non-compliance with the obligations of the Insured Party deriving from the Insurance Contract and the legal system.

– For any cause duly justified by the Company in accordance with the cases provided for in the Insurance Contract Regulation Law.

The Company shall be entitled to keep the claimed premium for the elapsed term and shall return the unclaimed premium.

The early termination of the contract shall be without prejudice to the Insured Party’s right to indemnity for losses occurring prior to the date of early termination.