– General Information about ASSA

– General Conditions

– SUGESE Registration Information

SUGESE Registration Dollars Registration Date
P19-60-A05-712 30/05/2017

– Claims Procedure

In the event of the death of the Policyholder or any Insured Family Member according to the “FUNERAL EXPENSES COVERAGE”, as the case may be, they should contact the Funeral Services Network Administrator by telephone at (506) 4052-5354, (506) 4052-5355, (506) 4052-5356 in Costa Rica, or by e-mail at kruiz@memorialinternational.com or costarica@memorialinternational.com.

  • The operator shall indicate to the service applicant that the telephone call will be recorded for service quality control purposes, as well as the date and time of the service request.
  • The operator will request the Policy number and the Insured’s identification card number.
  • The operator will ask some basic questions and confirm that the claim is justified.
  • The operator will assign a claim number and will clearly inform the claimant, indicating the exact time of the service request.
  • The operator will request a telephone number or e-mail address to confirm this number and the exact time of the claim
  • Within the following five (5) hours from the time of the call made by the claimant, the operator shall indicate to the claimant the name(s) of the Funeral Service Provider(s) in the area where the deceased is located, as well as the conditions under which he/she will be assisted, the services to be rendered, and the scope of the Coverage.
  • Once the Funeral Service Network Administrator’s operator receives the Claimant’s acceptance, he/she will coordinate the provision of the service.
  • The operator of the Funeral Service Network Manager shall inform the claimant by telephone of the manner and time in which he/she will receive the service.

– Rates $

G3 Plan

G5 Plan

G7 Plan

$ 7,99 USD

$9,99 USD

$12, 99 US

If Policyholder is older than 64 years old, the following must be added.

USD $ 1.90 x MONTH in the corresponding month.

– Contracting Age:

The Company may request all kinds of evidence and documents to prove the age of the Insured.

In order to be included in this policy, the Policyholder and the Family Members of the Policyholder must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. In the case of the children of the Policyholder, their inclusion is allowed as of one (1) year of age. The inclusion of dependents applies up to the fourth degree of consanguinity in relation to the principal insured.

From the age of sixty-four (64) years, eleven (11) months and twenty-nine (29) days, in order to include a Policyholder or Family Members of the Policyholder (in case of including two (2) or four (4) Insured Family Members), the Company may proceed according to the following options:

  1. Automatic application of a special rate, starting at the age limit, calculated through a technical and objective study of the group insured by the Insurance Policy, or;
  1. Medical analysis of the current condition of the Insured who reaches the age limit, with the purpose of evaluating if there are factors in his/her health and integrity that increase the covered risk and, therefore, proceed with the application of a special rate.

In the event of including six (6) Insured Family Members, provided that the parents of the Policyholder are included and they are older than seventy-four (74) years, eleven (11) months, and twenty-nine (29) days, the Company may proceed according to options 1. or 2. indicated above in this clause.

Once the Policyholder or any Insured Family Member has been included in the policy, there will be no age limit for their permanence, and the Company will continue to provide coverage under this Policy.

– Completion of Coverage

This service is granted under the following limitations:

  1. Through the Funeral Service Administrator and the Funeral Service Providers Network throughout the national territory.
  2. Up to THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS (US$ 3,000.00) legal tender of the United States of America or its equivalent in colones per death; the insured amount shall always be indemnified in the defined form of benefits or services.
  3. In the event of the death of the Policyholder, the policy shall be terminated and shall cease to apply to the Insured Family Members.

– Termination of the Policy

This Policy and all its coverages shall terminate on the day that any of the following causes are declared to have occurred:

  1. Non-payment of the premium by the Policy Holder at the end of the Grace Period.
  2. When the Policyholder, on his/her own, decides to terminate the Policy by means of written notification at the Company’s domicile, at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the date on which the Policy shall be terminated, after application of the communication mechanism provided for the Insured Parties in order not to affect their interests.

In all cases of early termination of the Policy, the Contracting Party, under his responsibility and within thirty (30) calendar days prior to the termination of the policy, shall notify the Insured, so as to not affect their interests. The Company shall verify and ensure that all of those insured are notified within the indicated term, by any means and at any address authorized by the Insured.

– Elegibility

Those who form part of the Insurable Group and at the time of being incorporated into the policy have not been medically proven to suffer from congenital or chronic illnesses, conditions, or injuries that may give rise to a claim as a result of such conditions are eligible for this insurance.

The Policyholder must guarantee that each of the persons appearing in the report that serves as the basis for the issuance of this policy belongs to the Insurable Group and meets the following requirements:

  1. Is a natural person.
  2. Permanently resides in Costa Rican territory.
  3. Is a Cardholder of the Policyholder or an Insured Family Member of the Policyholder.
  4. The Main Insured or Insured Family Members must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.  In the case of the policyholder’s children, their inclusion is allowed as from one (1) year of age. Once the Policyholder or Insured Family Members have been included in the policy, there will be no age limit and the Company will continue to provide coverage.

– Policy Unisputability

The Insured’s coverage shall only be disputable during the first two (2) years of validity; however, it shall always be disputable due to false or inaccurate statements of facts or circumstances known as such by the Insured or Contracting Party, acting with fraudulent intent, as detailed in the clause “NULLITY OF THE CONTRACT”.

The disputability period will begin:

  1. On the date coverage is granted for any Insured.
  2. If the Insured’s coverage has been reinstated, the period of disputability shall commence at the time the Company accepts such reinstatement and grants the coverage thus reinstated.

– Insurability Requirements

Fill out the Proposed Insured Form.

– Waiting Period

In the event of the death of an Insured due to natural causes or illness, the “FUNERAL EXPENSES COVERAGE” will operate after ninety (90) calendar days have elapsed from the effective date shown on the Application/Certificate.

– Deductibles

Not applicable

– Grace Period: 

90 days.