– General Information about ASSA

– General Conditions

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– Claims Procedure

– Provider Network

  • Call Center 2503-2727

Premium Amounts and Payment ProcedureIt will be established in the insurance proposal according to the line of business of each business.

The different ways ASSA Insurance Company allows clients to pay their policy premiums, both in colones and in dollars, are the following:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit or debit cards (can be set up for automatic debit)
  • Bank deposits
  • Wire transfers

ASSA Compañía de Seguros currently has bank accounts in colones and dollars in the following Costa Rican banks:

  • BAC San José
  • Bank of Costa Rica
  • National Bank of Costa Rica
  • Citibank of Costa Rica, S.A.
  • Banco General (Costa Rica), S.A.

– Fractional Premiums

The premium may be paid annually or in installments in the following forms: monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, triannually, or half-yearly. When opting for any of these forms of payment, a surcharge for payment in installments shall be paid in accordance with the following:


Policy in Colones

Policy in Dollars
















– Client Statement

In this type of policy, a statement from the client is required to appreciate the proposed risk.  These declarations must be drawn up in a clear, prominent and legible manner, and must contain sufficient typographical space to guarantee the client’s separate and independent signature.  The client must expand, add, or personally indicate any circumstance in relation to the declared risk, and must subsequently disable the blank spaces in the application or statements. Any false or inaccurate statement of facts or circumstances known as such by the Insured Party, by ASSA or by the representatives of one or the other, which could have directly influenced the existence or conditions of the contract, shall render the contract null and void from its origin. If the falsehood or inaccuracy comes from the Insured Party or its representative, ASSA shall have the right to retain the premiums paid; if it comes from the Company or its representative, the Insured Party may demand the refund of the premiums paid plus ten percent (10%) as liquidated damages; when there is mutual deceit, the Insured Party shall only have the right to receive the premiums paid.  ASSA shall make the reimbursement within fifteen (15) working days after the date of notification of the TERMINATION OF THE CONTRACT. ASSA’s compensatory obligations shall be extinguished if it is proven that the insured person declared, with fraudulent intent or gross negligence, in an inaccurate or fraudulent manner, facts which if declared correctly could exclude, restrict or reduce such obligation, without prejudice to the fact that the conduct of the insured person constitutes the crime of simulation.

– Right of Reply 

ASSA undertakes to respond to all claims, petitions or requests by means of a reasoned resolution and, where appropriate, in writing, in the form agreed upon for such purpose, within a maximum term of thirty calendar days from the receipt of all claim documents.

– Insurance Requirements

  • Quote signed by the insured
  • Acceptance letter and appointment of an intermediary
  • Insurance Application of the Insured
  • Proposed Insured Application
  • KYC Form

– Grace Period 

Immediately after you become aware of the occurrence of a loss or damage to the insured vehicle or caused by the same to third-party property, you shall report the facts to the Competent Authority as appropriate and to ASSA. Said notice shall contain sufficient information to identify the Insured, as well as all data reasonably obtainable in relation to the date, time, place, and circumstances of the accident, affected third-party property data, the names and addresses of the injured persons, and of the available witnesses. Notification to ASSA may be made at any time of the day and any day of the year (24 hours, 365 days), by calling 2503-2772 or 800-800-2772 or by e-mailing reclamoscr@assanet.com. Likewise, the insured may file a claim at ASSA’s offices.

– Immediate Acceptance

The offer and quotation of this insurance do not guarantee its acceptance.  In the event of acceptance by ASSA, acceptance shall be evidenced by a certificate of coverage, a box stamp in the particular conditions of the contract issued by ASSA, or delivery of the duly signed contract. The firm issuance of this policy shall be subject to the receipt of payment of the premium in accordance with the conditions established in the “Grace Period” section.

– Periodicity of Insurance Validity

Annual as of the date of acceptance of insurance of the risk.

– Right of withdrawal

The term of the contract may be terminated early in the following cases:

a.   By the INSURED, by means of written notice to the COMPANY at least one month in advance. If such a notice does not indicate a specific date for the revocation or said date is prior to one month of the communication, it shall be understood that it shall become effective immediately as of the date on which the indicated month is fulfilled, which shall be counted as of the day following the day of receipt of the notice. The COMPANY shall have the right to keep the PAID PREMIUM for the term elapsed and shall reimburse the INSURED for the UNPAID PREMIUM, the amount of which shall be available to the INSURED at the COMPANY’s offices no later than ten working days after the expiration of the term.

b. At the COMPANY’s will, at any time by means of written notice to the INSURED and NAMED INSURED sent to their contractual address, not less than one (1) month in advance, counted from the date of receipt of the notice.

c. Should the risk cease to exist, the early termination of the contract shall take place as of the moment in which the COMPANY is notified of such a situation. In such case, the COMPANY shall return the UNPAID PREMIUM, the amount of which shall be available to the INSURED at the COMPANY’s offices no later than ten working days after the expiration of the term of the contract.

The early termination of the contract shall be without prejudice to the INSURED’S right to compensation for CLAIMS occurring prior to the date of early termination.

– Deadline for accepting or rejecting risk

ASSA reserves the right to accept or reject the risk posed after the insurance application or proposal. Acceptance will be communicated to the insured within a period not exceeding 30 calendar days, within which time the application will be resolved.

Once the underwriting of the risk has been accepted, ASSA shall send to the insured, within three working days following its assent, a certificate of coverage informing of the acceptance, in the manner set out in the general conditions.

– Deductible

Deductibles will be established in the insurance proposal according to the respective line of business and the needs of the insured.